Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good Sunday Evening to you! I thought I would take a few moments to let you all know what's going on in my world.

On Tuesday, our third son, left the nest and started a new chapter in his the military! When he left for boot camp, we knew we would not hear from him for a couple days, and when we did, it would be from a scripted phone message, basically just to let us know he was safe, and to give us his address. After two days of not hearing from him, I was becoming ever so slightly concerned. (understatement!) Because, on Thursday, news broke of the mass killings at a military base in TX, which is where he is stationed. Thank the Lord, he is NOT on that base, but is not far from it. I am assuming all bases were on lock down after the incident. So, on Friday, bright and early, he DID finally call, and he is safe, and sound! Now that we have his address, letters from us and his gf are shooting out to him. I guess you could say there might be a little contest to see whose he gets first. He will be gone until June of next year. Oh we will miss him!! But we get to see him in Dec. at his graduation! I'm told that if I think I cried a lot at him leaving, just wait until his graduation!! Oh boy!! *buying stock in Kleenex now*

Here is a before and after pic of him...
I think I like HAIR better...sorry, Trey! ;)

So, life goes on, I suppose! I have been sewing along, and getting ready for a show in Dec. Here are a couple of new half aprons. These sweet aprons are for sale on Etsy for $28. Check 'em out!

I'm really super excited to let you know, I am making my own Annabel's Aprons website. I have been hard at work creating it. I spent all day last week re-shooting pictures of my headbands that will be available for purchase on there. Here are a few of them.

Long Tie Headband

Expandable Headband

Twist Tie Headband


  1. Glad he's safe, hope your ok : D

  2. Wow Ann, that Must have been hard to say good bye to your son!! (as a family at the airport of course) I am glad to hear he is safe and sound! How did you ever get that picture of him?

    Well, I must say I am a HUGE fan of Annabel's Aprons!!!!!!! I follow your blog everyday and LOVE all the new stuff you come out with!!!! The new aprons look FAB!!!

    When your new website comes out I am gonna make it my homepage if you don't mind! I want to be as up to date with all of Annabel's Aprons new products!!!!

    Keep doing what you are doing!!!!!!

    p.s. your model is amazingly gorgeous!