Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Items and Some Custom work

Hey there! Wow! I have made ANOTHER entry in my bloggie! I'm so proud of myself.

It seems as of late, I am making quite a few custom orders! YEAH! I wanted to show you what I have been doing...

This apron is for a very petite woman looking for a classic style. She loves black and white, with a splash of red. I felt I needed to stay with the black and white fabric, while adding red buttons, giving it just enough accent. I think it turned out pretty nice!

I thought this was the cutest.... A customer had bought the little girl's chef's apron for her daughter for Christmas, and was wondering if I could make a matching apron for her American Girl doll. I was so happy to find I had just enough of the fabric in my own stash to make it. They no longer make the fabric anymore. So here is the cutest matching apron set in the WORLD! Hahah..ok..I'm not sure about that...but in MY world it is! :D

Here is my model in the new hostess apron. I think she fills it out well! It is now listed on Etsy. Take a look!

I have also been making some sweet headbands. The very popular twist tie headband in some new fabric choices...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Custom Orders

My new hostess apron! Could this be my new signature apron?

Ok, so I have been making some more custom aprons! It's been very fun picking out fabric based on what people are looking for! Here are some things that I have been doing:

This apron was made a few months back and I was getting concerned it wouldn't find a home, even though it had many hits and quite a few hearts. So, along comes a potential buyer who had asked if she could get pockets on it, and walla, my sweet apron was sold.

Another Custom for Cootiepants. She wanted one to match her store banner, consisting of these colors, and stripes and polkadots.

This one was made for a teacher who wanted something fun to wear during school! I think it fit the bill.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Expanding the business

Wow! I have been busy lately! I participated in the Valparaiso Popcorn Festival last weekend in IN! It was my first fair ever for Annabel's Aprons! It was really fun! I sold a handful of aprons and a lot of headbands! I passed out a lot of biz cards, and just made some great connections. We shall see what happens with all that! I sold my icon apron there, the big flowered batik hostess apron!

I was kinda sad to see it go! Now I have to come up with another signature apron. I got home from the weekend very tired, but the following week I had more sales than ever on my Etsy store. Almost all of them were customs..whoot! Here are some pics of some customs I have made for people that don't always make it to Etsy!

I think I'm gonna do a little research on making skirts now! What do ya think?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

These his and hers matching aprons made it to the Etsy Gift Guide and sold as customs with monogramming on the pockets! whoo hoo!