Thursday, June 25, 2009

Annabel's Headbands

Accessorize with Headbands

I have 3 styles of headbands that I make. First, the traditional elastic band, most are reversible, so it's like having two in one. They measure 21" and stretch to 24". Will fit most heads, but of course they can be custom made to fit your size.

The long tie headband is a very popular band. The band portion is approx 19", with approx. 21" ties. Some vary. This band is very cute. You can wear it the traditional way, by tying in the back at the bottom, in long ties or bow, or you can wrap it around the remaining hair as a ponytail, or bring the ties back up around the top of the head. It's pretty cute that way.

Then there is the twist on headband that is encased with wire to bend and twist in whatever shape you want. Once they're on, they're on, no slipping off the head. Again these are reversible so you can wear it on either side. The headband measures approx. 31" and 3" at the widest point.

All of the headbands are comfortable, most made with 100% cotton, and are washable. The wired ones should be hand washed, however.

Have a look at these unique headbands at my store at

Thursday, June 18, 2009

NEW NEW NEW !! super cute smock tank tops $38

Original design by Annabel's Aprons! Kinda hippie, kinda preppy. No matter what you call it, this fun smock tank top will have all your friends wanting one too!

Very rich maroon fabric with flowers, and green with maroon polka dots. Cream ruffles and ties.

Gathered bodice will fit 34" to 38" bust nicely. Bodice is lined with cream as well for a nice comfy feel.

Straps measure 44" long
Panel is 15" long measuring from just under bodice
and 29" wide
2 loops on each side of shirt to lace up. Will fit most sizes.

Please convo for custom fabric, and size! @annabelsaprons shop

Saturday, June 13, 2009

First Attempt

Hey there! I am trying my hand at blogging, since I was told I was pretty much a loser if I didn't blog.

So, I will keep this short and sweet since I am just experimenting!

Come follow me and see what exciting things happen in the life of annabelsaprons!