Friday, March 12, 2010

DrCraze this week's featured Estian

Good morning! Spring is almost here! Whoot!! I can't wait! I love the new life that comes forth! *big breath* ahhhh...

Well, I am looking forward to a wonderful season, with my new skirts and sundresses! I have a couple more in the works. I have the fabric for them, just need the time~be on the lookout for them...soon! :)

This week I wanted to feature an etsy artist that I met around Christmas time. His name is DrCraze. He works with concrete and makes some interesting and unique products with it. We kinda have a little friendly competition going with our sales made. Even though I am still ahead by a narrow margin, I have this feeling he will be passing me up VERY soon! And understandably so. He does great work! So, go ahead DOC, pass me up! ;)

Here are some of my favorite pieces of DrCraze's work. Visit his shop and make him happy by making some purchases. Who cares if you win, Doc, I'm a good sport! :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Good day!! Wow! I just realized how long it's been since I posted on here! But, it's not like anyone is losing sleep over it! In fact, go! Maybe I can clear up someone's insomnia!

Anywho! I have been busy busy!! Lots of ideas churning.....oh..who am I trying to kid?! I've been doin' nothin'!! haha! BUT...I have hopes of being busy with many things! ;) NO, I have been doing some custom pieces. I just got done making my first potter's apron! That was fun! Soon, I will be making matching dresses for "moms", girls and dolls. That should be fun! *snicker* Umm..let's see, I have also been selling quite a bit of my twist tie headbands!! If you haven't gotten one, you should try it! They are fun, and super comfy! I love 'em.

So, here are a few pics I have taken of my new stuff! Enjoy! Next week, i PROMISE I will do a feature blogspot! Stay tuned! :D

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wowza!! Good things are happening!! First of all, I have reached my goal of making 100 sales on Etsy by my one year anniversary, which is Feb 3rd. I have even surpassed it, with time to spare! :D
Thank you ALL for your part in helping me to reach it! I am looking forward to what this next year will bring.

Secondly, I have been telling you for some time now that I have been wanting to make skirts! Well, I finally got one made, and am pretty happy with it. I listed it on Etsy, and within the first hour had 3 hearts! WHOOT!! I feel pretty good about the success of the skirts in my store. Come take a look at annabelsaprons, and as always, I can custom make them to fit your size and fabric style.

Here are some pics of my first skirt!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Morning! I really hope that everyone is doing well. Hey,I want you to see something that I think is pretty awesome! I want you to see this unique, interesting, and beautiful work from a wonderful Etsy artist named Fleurografie. He does amazing printmaking! I love how his work is simple, yet thought provoking. I love the tones that he uses; they don't shout at you, they draw you in and make you wonder. I love the feel of many yesterdays with his work. Fleurografie's work can be seen at select galleries around the world. But visit him at his online Etsy store Fleurografie and his blog where you can see more of his work. He will be very glad you did! :) Here are some of my favorite prints from his Etsy store:

And here are a couple from his blog:

Just beautiful! Good luck Fleurografie!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ok, OK!! I LOVE this Etsy artist! I have known him for many months now, and have discovered him to be a very talented person!...CRAZY, yes! But, super fun and it never ceases to amaze me what his mind thinks up, in his creations and his wit! His name is AndrosCreations. Take a look at his shop to see for yourself why he has made a name for himself on the online market. And of course, he wouldn't mind making a sale or two. Here are some of my favorite items from his shop. *I wish you well, Andrew!*

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Well hello there and Happy New Year! I am looking forward to this year with great anticipation! I have some great ideas for some new styles of aprons and I will be adding skirts to my clothing line! I have been wanting to do that for a while now! :D Please pop in from time to time to see what has been going on!

Here are a few pics of my newest aprons! I have a new full vendor apron that I just love. It came out exactly the way I wanted it to! Keep in mind I can custom make one in your own fabric choice.

Full Vendor Apron

Sweetheart Neckline Full Apron

Batik Chef's Apron

Ok, now I want you to look at this super talented, super clean lined, super fun etsian! Her name is imeondesign. Not only is she a blast to chat with, but she is very good at what she does. I am not a person who likes a lot of frills and such. But I do like style! imeondesign is just that! She started around the same time I did last Feb. 09. and she is making a way fast for herself! Help support her in her business! Everyone needs cards! So, there ya go! I love this new one, just in time for Valentine's Day! Love Card
Here is another one I like a lot: The Dress Card