Saturday, September 19, 2009

Expanding the business

Wow! I have been busy lately! I participated in the Valparaiso Popcorn Festival last weekend in IN! It was my first fair ever for Annabel's Aprons! It was really fun! I sold a handful of aprons and a lot of headbands! I passed out a lot of biz cards, and just made some great connections. We shall see what happens with all that! I sold my icon apron there, the big flowered batik hostess apron!

I was kinda sad to see it go! Now I have to come up with another signature apron. I got home from the weekend very tired, but the following week I had more sales than ever on my Etsy store. Almost all of them were customs..whoot! Here are some pics of some customs I have made for people that don't always make it to Etsy!

I think I'm gonna do a little research on making skirts now! What do ya think?


  1. Well hideyho good neighbor! How nice to see a new entry. And I LOVE all the custom aprons!! So cute!!!!
    I say YES go for it on the skirts!! I can't wait to see the new product line!!

  2. hi annabel,

    i love > the big flowered batik hostess apron the best and also tweeted for your and your great aprons! have you tried to get in contact with starbucks. they could need some nice aprons ;)))) maybe!

    luv n hugs

  3. hey thanks, kris!! i haven't contacted them, but i am in the works of contacting some ppl about them. thanks for the tweets!