Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good evening everyone! Hope everybody is doing great! I don't have any aprons to post, but I wanted to introduce you to my very, very, favorite....well almost favorite girl in the world!! My daughter is my favorite! But this girl is my second favorite girl in the world!

Her name is Moranda! But she goes by Mory, Mo, Noramba, M, and more I suppose, but I call her endearing!

I met her on a mission's trip last year, and we have been best buds ever since. We talk EVERY day, multiple times a day, even though she is going to school in Florida!! :( far away!!
Thank God for unlimited texting..and yes, we got that package after me and Mory met, because she is a textaholic. Which by the way is how she got to know my son. :D, who also is a textaholic! haha!

So, now Mory and my son, the one who went into the air national guard, are "good friends"!! *wink! and my hope, upon hope is that one day...well, i better not go there...hehe!

So, here is a pic of my friend, Mory!! And in this way, you just got to know just a smidgen more about me! More to come!

Talk soon!


  1. How wonderful to meet Mory!! She is so lovely!!!
    (and psssst - Bels - you already "went there"!)
    aka Kim

  2. lol!! did i???!!!! i did?? ahah shoot!! hahaah

  3. Lovely Mory! And LOL! We all know what is that!

  4. WOW! This chick sounds pretty fantabulous!!!!!
    First of all, it is so great that you two are so close! That was so sweet of you to get unlimited texting for her!!! You must really love her!

    Second, It must mean so much to her to talk all the time like you do! Must make it easier especially while she is away at school.

    Third, your son...+ her....................

    Fourth, She must love you too!!!!

    wait just one second......thats ME!!!!!! =D

    Nice to meet you world!!!! Thats ME!!!! I love my Annabell!!!!! and I especially LOVE Annabel's Aprons!!!!!

    LOVE YOU ANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I want my own blog post!! lolz... hahahahahah! I love morand (;)) more than anyone!!!


  6. Syd, I think you spelt my name wrong!!!!! ;)

    This is true, Trey got his own blog post, then ME, i guess you should be next but we see how each of us rate!! Unless she is going in some sort of order?? hehe

    JUST kidding!!! LOVE you!!!!! :)