Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good Day! Hope you are doing well!

Well as promised, I am going to blog a spot about my dear daughter, Syd! She is my model for my aprons. I am so lucky!! Not only is she beautiful, but she has absolutely the best personality and disposition ever! I have never met a more contented, and assured person in the world! She is my gift from God!! (I think that way about all my kids)...ok, I'll stop! hehe!

So, I have had a remarkable week! Not only did I get 6 custom apron orders, (pausing to glory in that)...but I got an order of 15 aprons for a fund raiser in California. Here is a spot about it:

"Banteay Srei is a youth development, asset building organization that is non-judgmental of young Southeast Asian women who are at risk of or engaged in the underground sex trade. We seek to provide the resources that support their healthy development through self empowerment and self determination."

So, every year they do this fund raiser selling aprons and including recipes to complete a sweet package for the recipient. I am very honored to be participating in a fund raiser like this. If you would like to contribute, just let me know, I can get you hooked up.

I'm excited that my business is growing! Thank you, God!

Here are some pics of a couple new aprons~

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So, after posting my blog, my daughter, who I DID mention was the most contented person in the world, informed me that this blog was unfair!!...for my son, there were pics. And yes, I do have pics of her, but she wanted one of her NOT modeling aprons. And she also stated that I wrote much more about my friend Moranda than I wrote about her....
So, I am here to edit my blog post!

A very wise person told me that you should say 20 nice things to help build someone up!
Syd, this is for you! I love you, dear!! You know I love you more! You are amazingly smart! And thoughtful! And generous!! And SWEET! And welcoming to strangers! And very stylish! And a BIG help in the kitchen! And a great companion! And a wonderful encourager! And oh so funny! And fun to chill and watch movies with! And a graceful dancer! And you have a pure heart! And you have a heart for your friends! And you have the most beautiful HAIR! And your skin is like the most beautiful bronze tan! (ARE YOU MINE?) And you are a great fish caretaker! And you are the best chocolate cake baker! And you are fun to talk to! (love your imagination~dragons and magic mushrooms)! And you are my best friend!

And best friends are always there for each other!! They never get mad! Even when one posts a pic like this:

Love you, Babe! muah!! xoxo!


  1. SYD!!!!!
    You are the most amazing girl around!!!! and I must say, this picture is pretty much AMAZING...but your eyes are scaring the crap out of me!!!

    LOVE YOU SYDALY!!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Bels and Syd, you both are fantastic people. I'm so glad I get to know you!!!!!!!! Great shot there Syd!! You are adorable even cross-eyed!

  3. very sweet! I can only hope my girls grow up to be as wonderful as you rave about your girlie! she is stunning even when goofy! ;)

  4. Lovely aprons and very beautiful daughter too!! Even cross-eyed, lol ;)