Friday, October 30, 2009

Good morning to all you wonderful people! Wonderful, in that you manage to follow my blog, even though I neglect it terribly! I just can't seem to come up with anything creative to say! I'm not a writer, so I struggle with feeling like I need to keep your interest! But if you have time, and can manage the slightest interest in what my world is like, then continue on!

Have you heard the statement, "necessity is the mother of invention"? Well, because of the economy fallout, our construction business, of 22 years, has gone into the drink. Not ONE call since last Oct. '08. Ah, necessity! We still found it necessary to eat, to pay for our dwelling,...etc. Our lack of income did not change that very simple fact!

So, my mind has been wheeling, my thoughts have been churning! What can "I" do to help with this grave situation? I have always been creative, (a God thing I think) and throughout the years I have been drawn to color, whether in the form of custom art, painting, interior house design,, more recently, with textile. Oh, I LOVE textile!! This has sparked something in me, that I am now thinking, what can I do with textile that could possibly turn into being a viable contributing factor in our finances?

My invention? I developed these "Lucy" Bands, I call them. Headbands that are encased with wire, so you can twist them on, kinda like what Lucille Ball wore back in her day. So, they are a little retro in style, while using coordinating fabrics for a reversible feature. I'm not sure that I am the originator of the idea, but I certainly have not seen them anywhere else.

You can wear them twisted up at the top of your head for the full "Lucy" look. Or you can twist them at the base of your head and conceal the twist tie, for a more modern, sophisticated look. Either way, they are super comfortable, and add style to your wardrobe!

The look? Fun or Sophisticated!

I'm really hoping this idea will take off, and many people will find this little invention something they must have! "Necessary", if you will! Sold for $10, they are quite a deal! Being reversible, it's like having two headbands in one!

Check out my store on Etsy for more fabric choices! Don't forget, I can custom make them with ANY fabric choice. Just let me know!

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