Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good Saturday morning to you all!! I got up SO early today, and well, why just sit there? Oh, don't worry, I won't make you read my blog THIS early. You can wait a little bit.... Ok, NOW read it!! ;) Just get yourself a nice cuppa joe or tea, have a sitdown and take a look at my newest featured Etsy artisan.

So, in Etsy chat, which I hardly EVER go into, ;) I met this kook of a guy named KennetheDante. He was fairly new to Etsy and Etsy chat, but NOT new to the chat cyber world, as I realized he knew more chat lingo than I did, :P and seemed to navigate about the room with ease. Quite a pro, really! I quickly discovered some very interesting facts about KennetheDante, one thing is, he is a neighbor of mine... a fellow cheesehead from Wisconsin!! INSTANT "LIKE". We celebrated the superbowl win of our beloved Green Bay Packers this past season!! :D The other undeniable fact I discovered about Kenny is his excellent craftsmanship in his work. I have been around woodworking almost my whole life, and I can spot quality. Kenny seems to be a master at whatever medium he chooses to work with. And I know there is SO much more in him, that is ready to bust out... in time!
Here are a few of my favs from his shop: just click on his banner or any picture to be linked to his shop.

I know you would give these items a proper description! :)

Nice, huh? Well, you should check out his shop more thoroughly. Convo him about doing custom work. I know he loves customs. ;) I think we will be seeing a lot more of KennetheDante, and for a long time to come. Go Kenny!!

As far as Annabel's Aprons go, I am getting closer to getting some tees screen printed up. I have a couple designs that I am gonna start out with, and get a few shirts printed and listed on Etsy by early next week. Stay tuned for that. And don't worry, I will keep you abreast of all the details. Ok, now back to your cartoons! :P Thanks for reading! Have a GREAT day!!


  1. Ken's wood creations are very cool indeed and he's an even cooler Gent! Very nice feature Ann, but 2 things I not too sure of... #1, 5:07am?? on a Sat?? Lordy!! #2, As for your beloved GBP's "Fame is but a fleeting moment", HA! Minnesota will be back!

    Can't wait to have a look at those Tee's!!

  2. OH EM GEEEEE!!! I can't believe you EVEN said that about our team!!! The only "back" Minny-soda is gonna be, is in the BACK of some dive doin' dishes and hangin' on the back steps for a smoke. Yo......

    LOL.. but thanks for the nice comments about the other stuff!! ;)