Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WOW!!! WOW!!! I am SO sorry that I have neglected my blog this much!!! One might wonder, why HAVE a blog at THIS point?! Well, I will see if I can redeem myself a little here.

A LOT has gone on this past year, in my business and my personal life. A lot of changes, it can make your head hurt. Some really great things, to some pretty sucky things. But I am trying to have a grateful heart about all that has happened, to know I am growing as a person, which I think is the goal anyway, right?

In December, I sat down with my BFF, and we wrote out some goals for this upcoming year. We put some time frames on some of the goals, and some, they will come as the year progresses. But I am excited to say, that I have been really trying to meet those time frames, and it feels GOOD!

Some new things that are coming this year, are my new skinny wired headbands. ** I ** think they are pretty slick! They seem to be a hit too. I have sold a good amount already this year! I have a LOT made up, and am listing daily on Etsy. You will have to check out the styles and colors, and hopefully you can find something you like.

Another new thing that I am working on for this year is adding screen printing to my shop. I am super excited to be adding this!! It will come in the form of tee shirts, scarves and aprons at this point. I think the marriage of the textile and the creative design of screen printing will be extremely satisfying. It will allow me to do a wider array of custom work too, which I LOVE!!

I would like to get back into doing some feature artists as well, it's a great way to network and to show off some other talented artisans.

I will try to blog WAY more often that I have, I hope you check in on occasion!! Have a great day! :D


  1. You so need to keep up with your blog & stop hanging out in Etsy Chat :D LOL