Friday, July 10, 2009

Wow! To be featured once on the front page of Etsy, with my Men's Desert Storm Camo Apron, was a real surprise. But, to be featured again with my Aqua Batik Sundress, which was listed for less than a week, was even more! And so thrilling to watch it go from 187 views, which I thought was doing pretty good for only being up a few days, to 822 in a matter of less than an hour! Wow again! Thank you Etsy Team!

The dress is sold and is now re-listed! So come take a look! Tell your friends!

And thank you, AndrosCreations, for helping me to find the front page image! Visit his shop as well. Very talented!


  1. Congratulations- that is so very cool!!! The dress is so pretty. :)

    On a side note, I cannot read any of the text on this post because it all just looks like weird symbols to me. There are no actual letters! Weird..

  2. Got it straightened out! I have been having issues with my computer, but thanks so much for pointing it out, PonderandStitch!

  3. awesome, congrats, Annabelsapton. Your work is awesome as always!